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Welcome to the official site of Gajatix Software. We are an independent games development studio based in the United Kingdom. We are a close-knit, amateur studio formed from likeminded gamers with a sole ambition - to create enjoyable, immersive games. Our team is small, but, we are motivated and dedicated to completing our projects with a high standard of work, producing a high-quality, bug-free product.

Our current project that Gajatix Software is working on, is the upcoming indie MMORPG Dragon Gate. This project is the sole reason the company was established, and so it is our main priority. We plan a number of new, exciting features plus the same content players enjoy in most games in the MMO genre. For more information, please do not hesitate to visit our ‘Games’ page, for more information on Dragon Gate.

Currently, we do not have the privileges of having our own office, or a stable, solid budget, as we develop software and games outside of our real-life occupations. We remain as a team because we share the same dream of Dragon Gate, and our sole ambition is to produce this title to the exciting, detailed product that we are working towards.

Latest News

7/09 - Patch Notes for Dragon Gate

The latest patch updates for Dragon Gate can be viewed on our IndieDB page, featuring major changes to the window UI and the new abilities window.

7/09 - Patch Notes for Dragon Gate

The latest patch updates for Dragon Gate can be viewed on our IndieDB page. This update features a complete redesign of the main menu, a rebuilt inventory and changes to the item settings.

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11/10 - New website launched

As you can see, our new studio website has now been launched, looking as sleek and stylish as ever. We’ve revamped the code and design to make the interface intuitive to the reader. Here’s to the future updates!


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Despite our fairly limited online presence, we have a project IndieDB page which can be viewed below.

We currently do not have a studio or any privileges that your average funded game development company has, but we can be contacted via email by clicking the button below (this will open in your default mail software).

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