Dragon Gate - The idea behind the formation of Gajatix Software

Dragon Gate is our first project. It’s a fantasy MMORPG that seeks to replicate the fantasy elements of many of our favourite worlds, combining the interface, disciplines and elements of classic MMORPG titles with a fresh new edge. As a studio of dedicated gamers, we have chosen to focus on what we think makes a great game, and as a result we’ve been able to specifically design the features of Dragon Gate to make it a fun and immersive title.

Throughout exploring Corderia you will find lots of quests and dungeons to explore and complete. Most dungeons have their own boss (or more!), each with weaknesses to help you find various ways of defeating them. Gathering and other skills have also been implemented so that you can craft your own gear or help bring some income.

When Dragon Gate is finished, the classes available will be Paladin, Warrior, Sorcerer, Cleric, Rogue and Ranger - each with different mastery paths. Sorcerers can choose to empower their magic damge further by becoming Warlocks, learn to take control of the undead and even cast curses over their enemies as a Necromancer. Each class will offer the player a unique style of game-play so if the player decides to create a new character with a different class the game-play won't feel so stale or repetitive. Once your character reaches a certain level of skill the option to gain a secondary class will be available to the player.

The free, indie fantasy MMORPG

Platform: PC | Genre: MMORPG | Release Date: 2015

P2P/F2P: F2P with item shop | Engine: Overseer Platform

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Like any project, we are limited by the constraints of a quintessentially Western concept: money. As an independent group, we do not have access to a stable budget, thus a form of income will be needed in order to sustain the project once it has been released. Our current business model has been listed below.

Micro-transaction system

After extensive research and a poll, it seems that including an Item Shop is the most popular form of in-game purchasing. However, the last thing we want to do is make our title a “pay to win” game, therefore items in the item shop that can increase the power of a player can also be acquired by completing certain tasks in the questline. This mainly means that cosmetics and other various things will be the only items that can be acquired though the item shop. This hopefully keeps the game balanced while giving every player the same opportunities. In addition, this allows for players that don't have a lot of time to complete tasks to obtain certain items at a low price.

Business model & plans

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Despite our fairly limited online presence, we have a project IndieDB page which can be viewed below.

We currently do not have a studio or any privileges that your average funded game development company has, but we can be contacted via email by clicking the button below (this will open in your default mail software).

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