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Gajatix Software is a small independent games studio founded in 2011. The company consists of a handful of developers with the shared ambition to create and publish the indie MMORPG Dragon Gate. The game is a Fantasy RPG inspired by the workings and aesthetics of what are now known as “classic” MMORPGs. The rest of the information is to come soon! For basic features, check out our ‘Games’ page or head over to our IndieDB site.

We aren’t a commercial studio, nor do we try to be. We’re a group of creative and likeminded students who love the exploration and gameplay offered by the MMORPG genre. Our primary goal is to get our game out there, and to create a stable, fun experience that provides hours of enjoyment for the player. Whether you wish to play by yourself or with friends we hope Dragon Gate may be that RPG for you.

Right now, we don’t have an office or a studio, but with an array of advanced tools and close-knit teamwork, we are dedicated to producing our first title. We currently use a modified edition of the popular Blitz3D MMORPG framework, titled “Overseer”, which has been custom-built by our team for our project. Despite the limitations of Blitz3D software, we have managed to create one of the first “proper” RPG titles on this platform - a testament to our diligence and apparent enthusiasm for tackling challenges.


Zaven Boyrazian Founder

Zaven founded Gajatix Software in 2011, and has served as the studio’s executive and the lead designer on Dragon Gate. He has also created the Overseer platform and scripts.

Edward Piggott  Manager / Designer               

Edward joined the team in 2012, and is the creator & manager of all affiliated websites as well as ingame graphics. Also works on game lore and world building.

Tom Chapman  Artist            

Tom has been a member of the team since 2012, and is responsible for the creation of conceptual artwork for the game, including the lore.

Our software is seemingly in-house; we have developed our own engine after heavily modifying a Blitz3D RPG software. We are currently not distributing the Overseer Platform.


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Despite our fairly limited online presence, we have a project IndieDB page which can be viewed below.

We currently do not have a studio or any privileges that your average funded game development company has, but we can be contacted via email by clicking the button below (this will open in your default mail software).

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